Thursday, 1 January 2009

So this was christmas.. Welcome to to 2009..

So with the fireworks on the eye bigger than ever, so it was 2009 and the beginning of my drawing diary.

This blog will be dedicated to my pursuit to draw every day, well hopefully everyday.
Each day of the week i want to look at drawing in a new way, with help from a few friends and the world wide web I'd like to get people thinking about drawing.

Friday will be my blogs visual research day of the week.

Normally before drawing, for me,
becomes what every university tutor likes to call 'visual research' and what most of us non professors call looking at interesting stuff!

So in a ode to the winter of 2008 which is slowly being left behind us (the shortest day has been and gone..) here are a few pics I like..

Frosty berries.
(on a stone wall of the beautiful house of a family member)

A gingerbread tree decoration I made this Christmas
(I'm using made loosely here as i just did the icing, but don't tell anyone..)

A frosty drive home on new years eve
(everything was so icy it look like someone has scattered icing sugar over the countryside.)

The bright read Canadian thermal all in one i found a charity shop for £7.( i had to have it!)

So something to look at for today, Friday the day i like to take note of brilliant inspiring stuff in the world!

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