Thursday, 14 October 2010

New website and blog!!

Dear All,

I have a lovely new website here:

and it has a great new blog inside it here:

So if you'd like to keep up with what I'm up too please find me there from now on :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Some of Esther’s cake stands were featured on BBC Twos ‘Mary Queen Of Shops’, which is still on BBC iPlayer,. In this episode Mary tried reinventing a tired, bizarre homeware shop in Kingston, turning it into a popular vintage interiors store, where the cake stands took centre stage in the fab new look… watch it here:

There is also a feature on Etsy’s blog ‘The Stork’ all about Esther’s DIY/up-cycled wedding. (just one of the things we’ve been up to here!) With lots of cake, ice cream and up cycling tips for the wedding season, including photos of how the cake stands came into their own as wedding cake towers…
Have a peek here:

Upcoming Shows

Later in the year Esther will be showing/selling at:
Origin Craft Fair in London from 23rd-29th September.
MADE 10 in Brighton from the 18th-21st November.

New Stockists

New work is now up on the etsy shop, check it out:

Soon there will be work for sale on with new stockist ‘the Itch Galleries’ website.

New work is also available at the National Gallery shop in the next week or two.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Summer Shows..

Just a note to say I have now confirmed I'll be showing at these fab selling and trade shows this summer...

British Craft Trade Fair, 11th - 13th April.

At Craft Central Open studios, 20th - 23rd May.

H@ndmade in Winchester, 4th July.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Pretty new cake stands for spring..

...popping up in my studio, great yellows and greens.
see them here first, about to go on my etsy and NOTHS shops this afternoon.
happy daffodil picking!
Esther x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Illustrated fiction the cake stand i smashed!!

Here is another beautiful illustrated fiction post by the wonderful Julia Green. It's a response to the image I recently sent her of a great cake stand I was really pleased with, it had been ordered by a shop and then I smashed it to smithereens while attempting to move from a shelf to my packing table i literally just dropped it form the highest shelf onto brick floor, it didn't have a chance in hell!

But here's a great piece if fiction to make up for its loss!


I was on my fifth salad plate, a tumbler of gin in my other hand, an angry young woman yelling on the stereo, when I realized I no longer existed. Still I wound up and frisbeed the plate across the room, where it momentarily drowned out the music when it crashed against the wall, broke into pieces and crashed to the floor. Admittedly, the plates did not shatter into the million satisfying pieces that I had wanted, that the cartoons and movies had promised me. I didn’t know if this meant we had registered for very good china or very bad china, but I discovered later it was an easy cleanup job—all those big and chunky pieces went right into the dustpan and then doubled trash bags. Even this was a crucial part of my disappearance—I had become a woman who, upon discovering her husband was having an affair, an affair that had begun many many months ago, immediately began drinking and breaking dishes, only to clean them up herself afterward. I slipped into a cliché, a square peg in a square hole, and in becoming a stereotype of a woman scorned, I watched my actual identity—I was a great dancer, but a bad singer, I liked artichokes and beagles and biking, couldn’t stand coconut or musicals—the infinite idiosyncrasies that defined me had dissolved, and I was nobody. I flung another plate at the wall—we never used the china, only bought it because my mother insisted that people register for china—and marveled at how the only thing left that I could control was the trajectory of the plate, the angle and its velocity. The rest was up to man and God.

Friday, 19 February 2010

New Illustrations from Esther Coombs at Nicole Farhi!


Just a quick note to say if your passing Bond Street pop by Nicole Farhi, as their latest window look for London fashion week has just gone up and the illustrations of the iconic London buildings on show are my own! When the lovely Jamie Shouli Creative Visual Merchandiser at Nicole Farhi approached me to do these drawings I knew they could look pretty cool but I have to say they have turned out pretty fantastic!
Hope you like the illustration/design/fashion week eye candy!


Ps if you like pretty windows you'll love jonathan bakers blog here:

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Drawn on ceramics range now available to buy through

Afternoon All,
Drawn on ceramics range now available to buy through here:
Check it out it has my latest items uploaded and ready to sell all in the great british pound!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Illustrated fiction new year post...

The teapot had been a great surprise: it came from her aunt, who had never given her a present in her life. She unwrapped it with great care, unrolling layer and layer of bubble wrap, until finally she came upon the teapot, like a pearl in an oyster. It was all glass, and as she washed it, she thought of how it would sustain her through the winter, how she would pour the boiling water in and watch the miracle of brewing unfurl as the herbs dyed the water greens and reds and blacks. When she was done with the pot and its lid, she washed the infuser, a glass cylinder that sat in the pot and demurely held the tea so it didn’t drift into the water. When it was clean, she sat it on the counter, and as she turned away to squeeze out the sponge and wipe off the edge of the sink, the infuser toppled quietly over and rolled off the counter, shattering into a million pieces on the tiled kitchen floor.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy new year - Mailing list sale

Happy New Year!!
A quick blog to say im now beginning my Jan sale, this year it is only open to those on my mailing list and its 25% of anyhting in my etsy shop, to take part you must be a member of my mailing list or email me to become one, and then let me know what you would like to buy and i will reserve it for you for 1 day at the reduced price for you to purchase! easy as new year pie!
My email here: to get onthe mailing list. The etsy site with stuff to buy on it!
Happy 2010!
Est x