Friday, 28 August 2009

Nice bit of Press.. Garden Heaven A/W 09

I got a lovely bit of press featuring my seed markers in the Irish Autumn Winter 09 Issue of Garden Heaven..
Check it out..!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Stewardesses Illustrated fiction post by Julia F Green.

She never said anything when she flew, just put her tray table in the upright and locked position as instructed and closed her eyes during takeoff, which she’d done even when she was a stewardess, back when they were still called stewardesses. She smirked to herself. It was nicer now—they didn’t make the women wear four-inch heels or put their hair up, and they hired men, though most of them, it turned out, were fruits. It was good, she told herself, that the world had undergone these sorts of changes, but there were days when she missed the ruby red lipstick, the hairsprayed beehives, the icy cocktails in the left hand of a man who reached for her with his right.

Her granddaughter says “that’s ----ed up” but her granddaughter also doesn’t brush her hair or own a pair of pantyhose. It wasn’t that she was against equality, she just argued that life held more mystery and charm in those days. Her granddaughter argued that all that mystery and charm was fake, and prevented people from pursuing their true goals and dreams. She took this to mean that she was supposed to have wanted something besides her career in the air, but she never did. She earned her own money, she married a pilot, they had beautiful children, who brought her grandchildren, some grateful, some not.

The plane sped up, preparing to nose its way into the stratosphere. She reached for her granddaughter’s hand and pressed it between her own as they shot into the sky.

Monday, 24 August 2009

some new stuff on etsy

Hi some new work to show you.. the yellow teapot was picked for a related images post in etsy here the post was on twitter and well worth a lot, id love to hear your views on twitter people of the www! have a great day..

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

the lovely lady at modish!

has done a very cute little post about me, i can defo recommend modish and the sister blog modish biz tips for creative people tips I (heart) modish..heres the little post!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Gift certificate..

For all of you who are unsure what to get as a gift but wanna a little token of my work to be part of it, now you can buy gift vouchers from me to say, "the gift is on its way" or "this little card entitles you to a commission from esther coombs", or "hey check it out I've given you a tea set now just tell esther what you would like to be drawn on it!".. you get the idea. These will be for sale in the same way a commission would by request to me at my etsy store! Check back for news on when the commission section goes live!
Est :)

Seen some cool stuff!

Lately I have seen some really cool stuff!
I couldn't help but whip out the iphone for pics so i could post them i don't know what it is about the images, maybe its the knitting needles all bundled up all different colours and sizes so fun and full of sweater making experience.. Or that i had my first carrots out of the garden this week and they were so many weeks coming it felt like a little garden gift that they were such crazy little shapes i had to show you, well you get the picture, cool stuff to look at! roll up, roll up get your cool stuff to look at here!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Doodlers Anonymous


Today i have a bit of a cracker for you recently I was contacted by the fab Chris Piascik who did a little post about some of my drawn on ceramics plates on this fab blog which shot straight into my bookmark list Doodlers Anonymous, check it out below!
the link to the blog piece on my plates here.

Some pretty pics from some other doodlers here:

pic one: Chris Piascik
pic two: OKAT